September 18, 2015

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Weekend Pattering-- SPX Recommendations From Your Panel Patter Pals

** This weekend, the Small Press Expo is being held in Bethesda, Md.  Here are the various ways you can follow SPX online:

** SPX announces that Nickelodeon is sponsoring this year's show around the Washington DC vicinity. 

** As well as the happenings this weekend, SPX is also sponsoring events all month long

** Comixology is having an SPX focused sale.  Amazon has a feature page up highlighting a lot of great books.  If your local comic shop hasn't stocked up on some great indie and alternative comics, this is a great way to experience the work.

** Want to know who's going to be at SPX this year?  Here's the exhibitor list.

** The Ignatz Awards are Friday night.  Here's the list of nominees.

**  And do you want to know who to check out this weekend or what books you need to be looking for?  Here's our SPX Spotlight coverage from the last couple of weeks.

** Sequential State has a fantastic rundown of 10 debut books at SPX.  Bleeding Cool previews some comics by Cary Pietsch.

** The Washington Post has had some good coverage of their hometown show.
** Support the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund at SPX and meet some cool creators.