Want to Contribute to Panel Patter?

Panel Patter is designed to be a collective of writers who care deeply
about comics as a medium. We are passionate about comics, and we want
people to know about the comics we like, so we write about them in our
spare time. We review comics of all kinds, but work hard to bring
attention to micropress, self-published, and comics from traditionally
ignored groups, such as people of color and LGBT creators, though
we're happy that those voices are growing louder every day!

But we are always looking for a few new people to bring their fresh
perspectives to the table, on a platform that, through years of hard
work, is recognized in the indie comics world and has been considered
worthy of Eisner consideration.

Is that YOU? Would you like to be a part of Panel Patter?

If so, here's the details:

What You Need to Know:

We have a strong following, and our voice is respected. Writing for us
has led to several people getting writing opportunities at other,
larger sites.

We don't force you to write on a schedule.

We don't tell you who to write about. (With a few exceptions--people
who harm others in comics with their words or actions are not people
we want to lend a voice to!)

We don't have a specific word count.

We have a strong relationship with multiple publishes and indie
creators, enabling you to access digital review copies as a member of
the staff.

We can often get you a press pass to shows, though that's never a guarantee.

We don't own what you write. You do.

We don't pay. None of us get any money from the site, and Rob pays for
the site to exist. While we respect those who ask for help financially
for their criticism, Rob wants people to buy comics with their money.
We are unlikely to ever be a paying site--any funds raised would go to
site or feature upgrades.

What Kind of Content?

We do a mix of reviews, interviews, commentary, and features. Any of
those are welcome!

Right now, we're a bit light on manga and webcomics, so if that's
something you really like, we're especially interested in hearing from

What We're Looking For:

People who love comics. That's a given.

People who want to write about the kinds of comics we cover. If you're
looking for a place to rave about Batman's latest adventures (and
don't get us wrong, the site editors all love Batman comics), that's
not Panel Patter.

People who will write a review, not a plot summary. We aren't doing
recaps of the material we read. We are discussing why the comic is
good--or why it's not.

People who are respectful. Hurling insults at a comic is easy. Talking
about why a comic is or is not recommended is hard.
People who will discuss the whole comic. It's not just the script,
it's not just the art, it's a complete whole.

Is that you?

Send Rob an e-mail at trebro@gmail.com, and let's talk!