Panel Patter-ers!

Rob McMonigal
Editor In Chief

 has been reading comics since they learned to read at age 4, which means the medium has been corrupting them for over thirty years now. A fan of comics of all kinds, preferring not to limit to any one sub-genre, most of Rob's mainstream work goes on as part of the Best Shots team at Newsarama. Panel Patter is for all the comics and related media that's not getting the attention it deserves, whether it's mini-comics, small press books, or even mid-majors flying under the radar. A self-proclaimed Comics Evangelist, the purpose of Panel Patter is to promote good comics, especially those who aren't getting enough attention at the larger comics news sites. You can also find them on Twitter.

James Kaplan
Senior Editor

James Kaplan is a Boston-based practicing attorney by day, and avid reader of comics whenever he can. He loved comics as a kid, went away from them for a long time, but has come back with a vengeance in the past few years. He loves superhero books, science fiction, and is discovering an appreciation for other genres as well. He also gets a lot of joy from sharing his favorite comics with his wife, kids, and friends. He posts shorter comics reviews, along with opinions about all sorts of other subjects, at

Sean Cohea
Senior Editor

Sean (he/him) has been writing for Panel Patter since mid-2018 and hasn’t looked back. As a child he grew up in central California reading comic strips before school everyday in the local newspaper. As a teen he found the Eastman and Laird Ninja Turtles Mirage line before things tapered off and out of existence for about a decade and a half until the 2010s. Jeff Lemire was the specific creator needed to lure Sean back to comic book adoration. Now he spends time writing and reviewing comics whenever possible while simultaneously juggling personal responsibilities as a husband and father. His favorite comics are horror, weird, sci-fi, or any comic where the artwork is mind-blowing or that simply go “thwip thwip”. Nine times out of ten you will see him holding a book. Look for his tweets at @argyleeater and his occasional art on instagram at @seancoheart.

Rachel Lapidow
Contributing Editor

Rachel (she/her) is a freelance copyeditor, proofreader, and developmental editor of RPGs, comics, manga, board games, and newspapers. She would like to think that she's funny, but is perhaps better known for being easily startled. Her favorite comics are those that are funny, cute, thoughtful, and a bit odd. She keeps buying books, despite being out of bookshelf space. Follow her on Twitter at @Editrix_Rachel.

Kelli Ewing
Contributing Editor

Kelli is often found curled up in bed reading books by flashlight. Why a flashlight? Who knows? Perhaps it’s a hangover from being a kid that she never gave up. In addition to reading, Kelli likes to spend her time sketching and watching wuxia and xianxia dramas. Her favourite pastime is staring off into space. Her IG handle is: @kellic.ewing.