San Diego Comic-Con Picture Series Day 2: David Lloyd

Believe it or not, San Diego Comic-Con is almost here. In honor of the show, which I will be attending on behalf of the site, alongside Kirk FM, I'm posting a series of pictures from the first two SDCCs I've attended.

I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I did picking through my old photos. See some of you, I'm sure, at San Diego on July 17th-21st!

One of the highlights of my San Diego Comic Con experiences so far was getting to spend some time with comics legend David Lloyd, who was at the show to promote Aces Weekly, an online comics site featuring work from a wide variety of creators, including Lloyd himself, Phil Hester, John McCrea, Shaky Kane, and many others.

He's just as warm in person to talk to as that smile would suggest. I had to laugh when he mentioned that I was only able to take a picture if we were looking at each other, because any picture of him drawing merely shows the top of his head!

And here's the awesome headshot of John Constantine he did for me in crayon, which I really need to hang up in the house soon. If you ever get a chance to meet David, definitely do so, and make sure you check out Aces Weekly, which has some cool comics on it.