San Diego Comic-Con Picture Series Day 3: We Miss You, Bongo

Believe it or not, San Diego Comic-Con is almost here. In honor of the show, which I will be attending on behalf of the site, alongside Kirk FM, I'm going to post a series of pictures from the first two SDCCs I've attended.

I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I did picking through my old photos. See some of you, I'm sure, at San Diego on July 17th-21st!

One of the biggest gut punches for me, comics-wise, in 2018, was that Bongo Comics was closing its doors. I've loved reading the Simpsons Comics almost from the start, and the murderer's row of talent who worked on their comics over the years rivals any non-Marvel/DC publisher in the modern era.

I am so glad I was able to get to their booth in 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately, none of my 2017 Bongo pictures looked good enough, but here's one of 2018, which I had no idea would be the last time I'd see it. They always had some of the best Bongo covers up, posters, and of course, comics.

I got lucky, and when I was first there, Nathan Kane was sketching Simpson characters! (Only the main family--he wanted to do as many as he could and obscure characters take longer. Totally understandable.) Here he is working on mine.

And here is ours! It's proudly been in our living room since I brought it home last year.

I really hope someone makes more Simpson Comics soon (Marvel? IDW-via-Disney?) and keeps the tradition of subversive licensed books alive. In the meantime, I'll always have my trades. Hopefully, you have yours, too.