San Diego Comic-Con Picture Series Day 1: Spoon!

Believe it or not, San Diego Comic-Con is almost here. In honor of the show, which I will be attending on behalf of the site, alongside Kirk FM, I'm going to post a series of pictures from the first two SDCCs I've attended.

I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I did picking through my old photos. See some of you, I'm sure, at San Diego on July 17th-21st!

Today's theme is Ben Edlund's The Tick:

In 2017, Amazon did a push for their new show, a revamp of the live-action Tick. Naturally, I was extremely excited by this, as a long-time fan of the comics. With my blue shirt and glasses, it wasn't hard to look Tick-like. Sadly, the show didn't make it. The Tick's brand of comedy is a hard one to transfer to a mass audience, and the scale of absurdity that has to be re-created doesn't make it any easier.

I couldn't have run into these two cosplayers at a better time, though I wish my phone had focused on them a bit better. (It's hard when you're trying to do thinks quickly on a busy con floor!) Here are our heroes in all their spandex glory (I love Arthur's wings!), ready to protect San Diego from danger and perhaps find some keen Tick comics at the New England Comics booth, which always has Tick comics, new and old.