Talking Inaction Comics in Boston on October 11th

The Boston Comics Roundtable is presenting an event in which editor/contributor Kimball Anderson discusses his anthology, Inaction Comics #1, alongside several of the contributors to the anthology. That includes Panel Pals Cathy G. Johnson and Laurel Lynn Leake, along with MJ Robinson. 

I reviewed Inaction Comics #1 a few months ago, and I really dug its free-form style. I'd love to hear these guys talk, but I'm a few thousand miles too far away. If you live closer than I do, I highly recommend taking part of your Sunday for this talk, which is free, but has a suggested donation of $5. If you attend, we'd love to know what you thought of the talk.

Details on the event are below and come from the press release. If you go, I hope you have a good time listening to some great creators talk about their work! 
We will be hosting a conversational discussion on the genesis, process, and philosophy of the Inaction Comics anthology on Sunday October 11th at 7 PM with editor Kimball Anderson and fellow contributors Cathy G. Johnson, MJ Robinson, and Laurel Lynn Leake. Held at the Boston Comics Workspace at 561 Windsor St., Studio 306, the event is free and open to the public, though a suggested donation of $5 is welcome. The event is sponsored by Ninth Art Press. 
The talk will cover the concept and ideas behind what became Inaction Comics, rooted in the aim of wanting to diverge from action-based storytelling and the desire to allow for a wider range of representation to occur. It will also include a discussion of how artistic choices can impact the ability to represent varied experiences and identities and delve into the contributors’ shared “Art Comics” aesthetic and how this reflects in the book. The panel will go over their own individual work and how it relates to the central theme of the anthology. 
The event will allow audiences to examine the process of putting together a new kind of anthology and promises to be an engaging evening of art and comics. For more information on the anthology, or to purchase, please go to
 About the Panel
Kimball Anderson is an artist and writer who draws from personal experiences of chronic fatigue syndrome and agoraphobia, which manifest in an interest in delineating the subtlest of sensation with accuracy. Kimball’s art gently but analytically probes at our automatic and seemingly uninteresting self, honoring it as something meaningful and filled with beautiful ambiguities. 
Cathy G. Johnson is an artist in Providence, RI. She grew up in Minnesota and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. She was awarded the Small Press Expo 2014 Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent. Her inspiration is drawn from community and critical theory. 
Laurel Lynn Leake works in all sorts of mediums to explore how we construct and communicate our identities in an intersectional world. She uses science fiction and magical realism as a stage to examine the role queerness and deviant compassion play in human culture. Leake earned her BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and her BA in English (Creative Writing) from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2010, and after graduating from the Center for Cartoon Studies with her Masters in Fine Arts in 2013, now works as a freelancer in Providence, RI. 
Born in 1992 in Doylestown, PA, MJ Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist and recent graduate of Oberlin College with a degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing. MJ is currently living and working in Providence, RI. 
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