Sfe Monster Teases New Comic for 2014

Canadian comics creator Sfe Monster announced via Tumblr the upcoming debut of a new comic, partnering once again with frequent collaborator Kory Bing on inks.

Called Eth's Skin, Sfe describes it as being, "a story about a young fisher named Eth living on the almost-the-same-but-slightly-different coast of British Columbia.  When Eth mistakes a selkie’s skin for their own, they have to travel to a distant cove in order to put things right."

As with many of Sfe's projects, this one will have a gender queer focus, along with monsters and an adorable pygmy seal named Goblin (see image alongside this text.) In addition to being a book, the new story will be partially serialized on Tumblr, with the first chapter appearing in advance of the Spring 2014 release.

Looking at the sample pages as well as other work from Sfe, it looks like the co-editor of the upcoming Beyond anthology likes to play with fantastic elements in otherwise normal situations, so I'd expect this to be in a similar vein. The artwork looks great, with smooth, curved lines that provide a lot of detail.

For more, check out Sfe's website.