Panel Patter's Indie Advent Calendar Day 22: Joelle Jones

Hi there, folks! Trying something new this year. When I was a kid, I loved opening advent calendars, and not ones that were "saved" from year to year, either--that's cheating.

So in order to recreate my childhood (I am a comics fan after all), I'm going to post a new image related to Christmas each day from now till December 25th.

Generally speaking, these will be secular, unless I run into an amazing religious drawing.  Also, please be aware that we here at Panel Patter do not endorse a particular faith. This is just a way to have some fun before a date when people, Christian or not, get a few days off (hopefully) to be with their friends and family and get lots and lots of good gift cards. A link to all of the Indie Advent posts is here.

Day 22 reminds us that even Santa can get a little naughty, preparing for his long night's work...

Joelle Jones is an extremely talented creator who's done several books with Jamie S. Rich, worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and others, and also does original art for sale. You can find her here.