Digging into Digital Special: Scott Morse and Skottie Young's Webcomic Begins

A few months ago, Scott Morse and Skottie Young put together a sketch blog where they would pick a theme and then draw their various takes on characters surrounding that theme. It was a lot of fun to read, seeing them do everything from Batman villains to the Muppets. If you were so inclined, you could even buy the original art from them.

Things slowed down a bit as Scott worked on his convention that happened at the same time as the San Diego Comic Con, Trickster. Then, the pair of artists announced they were headed in a different direction, one that would involve an original project.

That project debuted yesterday, and boy does it look interesting!

There's only one page up so far, but when you have a story that begins with debating the merits of buying things from a monkey, you know you're off to a good start.

According to the pair of Scotts, Monday's pages will be written and drawn by Scott Morse. On Friday, Skottie Young will take over. What's even more interesting is that they're only working just a bit ahead of when the pages are posted, so neither has a firm idea of where the story is going. This is about as close to internet artist improv as you're going to get, adding yet another reason to read this, in case Scott Morse and monkeys weren't enough for you.

Working without a net should be interesting, because it may mean fevered inspiration or long delays if other projects get in the way. I'll be curious to see how that goes and how long the pair can keep things going. Given this intriguing start, I'm hoping it will be for a long time!

Morse and Young are out to do something a little different in the comics world. Why not get in on the ground floor? I highly recommend you add this one to your RSS feeds today.