SPX Spotlight: Rafer Roberts to Debut Plastic Farm 20!

This is part of Panel Patter's SPX Spotlight, a series of reviews of work from creators or publishers who will be attending SPX in 2011 leading up to the show on September 10th and 11th, 2011!

Plastic Farm 20
Written by Rafer Roberts
Illustrated by Mal Jones, Rafer Roberts, and Matt Dembicki

In another posting about an SPX debut, today we have Rafer Roberts and a new issue of Plastic Farm, the long-running creator-owned comic that's just turned the big 2-0. Based on the content of Plastic Farm, I really fear for when this thing turns 21 and can drink.

I first read Plastic Farm waaaay back in 2009, writing what I think is one of my better reviews from the early days of this blog. Since then, I've tried to make sure I read anything I can find with Rafer in it. He's always good for turning up in quality anthologies, the latest of which is FUBAR2, which I hope to review soon.

It's no mean feat keeping up a creator-owned project for so long. But one that remains solid makes the job even more impressive.

For those who don't know, Plastic Farm is the story of a man who is either flat-out crazy or has the power to change the world. He's haunted by visions, and ends up hanging out with a group of disparate people, all of whom have their own stories to tell. It's just a bit like Canterbury Tales, if Chaucer wasn't afraid of excommunication and had grown up on horror films.

The whole thing links together so intricately, it's an astounding process that happens before your eyes. I dunno about jumping on points, but I can't recommend this series enough for those who like their comics creepy and have no fear of being grossed out from time to time.

If you are going to SPX this year, find this guy, because he's going to sell you good, solid, horror comics. Sadly, they probably won't let him smoke in the auditorium.

If you aren't going to SPX, you can find Rafer Roberts at Plastic Farm. Either way, give his work a chance. I'm betting you'll like it--just don't blame me for the nightmares, ok? It's all his fault!