Takahashi Manga Movable Feast Day Five Links

It's Friday!

And if you're still with me after that, welcome to Day Five of the Rumiko Takahashi Manga Movable Feast! Here's another great set of links to take you into the weekend!

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General Commentary

Daniella of All About Manga finally gets to finish a Rumiko Takahashi series, thanks to yours truly. She talks about her vague interactions with Takashashi despite being such a strong manga fan, and wraps up with a few comments about One Pound Gospel.

Kate Darcey of the Manga Critic provides some thoughts on her general lack of reviews of Takahashi and shares excerpts from older reviews of Mermaid Saga and Rin-Ne. Three guesses on her Rin-Ne thoughts!

Rin-Ne Rundown

Lori Henderson at Manga Xanadu takes her turn at bat and also manages to find Rin-Ne rather pedestrian. Here are her reviews of volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, and volume 5. Lori seems to like the series more as time goes on, which is a bit of a change from Sean and some of the others.

Ranma 1/2

We'll begin with Tony Yao of Manga Therapy, who writes a post about my favorite Ranma Rival, Ryoga. (Say that five times fast!) While I hesitate to take anything in Ranma too seriously, I do like what he has to say about drawing some inspiration from Ryoga, who I would agree is pretty well developed, by Ranma standards, anime or manga-wise.

Mermaid Saga

Lori Henderson also has a feature up this week about the Mermaid Saga. This makes me really excited to read this one again, once I get my hands on volume three.