Takahashi Manga Movable Feast Day Four Links

Good Morning to all Feasters! We've had a great first three days, but remember, this Feast is a marathon, not a sprint. Let's keep going and keep talking about one of the most notable manga creators, Rumiko Takahashi!

Given that the topic of my Feast post today is 10 things I find interesting about Rumiko Takahashi, I thought I would start the day off with some links where you can learn more about Takahashi herself.

General Information and Interviews

Here's the Wikipedia entry on Rumiko Takahashi. Apparently, Wikipedia isn't pleased with how this one is structured. There are of course many different Takahashi-related entries on everyone's favorite source for quick and (hopefully) reliable information.

The American version of Shonen Sunday has a brief biography of Takahashi as well as links to some interviews. I found this one to be quite enlightening, and it has some photos of Takahashi at the drawing table.

Our friends at the Rumic World have a nice biographical feature as well. The Rumic World is a wealth of information about Takahashi. There's a timeline as well as a collection of interviews.

Want to learn more about Takahashi's link to the anime and live action world? Here's Takahashi's Internet Movie Database entry. Sadly, it does not look like Takahashi does Stan Lee-like cameos. I'll let you be the judge on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

That's just a sampling. There's plenty more out there, if you decide to investigate further. Clearly, we here at the Manga Movable Feast aren't the only ones who are big fans of Rumiko Takahashi!

Take a Vacation with Takahashi in Hawaii!*

*Not really. We barely have the budget to serve the flagons of grape juice here at the Feast! However, the fine folks at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser invite you to sample their Takahashi wares in this overall post that includes links to all of their Rumiko Takahashi-related posts. Jason Yadao provides the retrospective, which includes a hilarious takedown of those stupid "From the Creator of InuYasha" stickers that are plastered on darn near ever other Takahashi book I own. Great stuff. Go get lost in Hawaii!**

**Panel Patter and the Manga Movable Feast are not responsible for any fees incurred in getting lost in Hawaii. Nor will we come pick you up. Bail money is totally out of the question.

More General Commentary

Here's Sean Gaffney again, this time talking about Rumiko Takahashi and characterization. Sean's does a really nice job with his analysis here. His points about how anime changes the point of the manga reminds me of how comic book superhero movies often have to adjust characters in the name of making a "better" story. Not being an anime person, I tend to miss out on that.

Ash Brown of Experiments in Manga has a contest where you can win some Ranma 1/2 by talking about Takahashi and the Manga Movable Feast!

Rumic Theater

Kate Dacey, the Manga Critic, goes back in time to look at the Rumic Theater. You all know my love of anthologies, so of course I'm itching to try and find these older collections. My favorite quote from Kate is "No one times a scare or a punch better than Takahashi." Well said!


Yesterday, I put up my links about the start of InuYasha. Here's Lori Henderson at Manga Village discussing the end of InuYasha, volume 56.


Alex Hoffman, also at Manga Village, checks out volume one and volume two of Rin-Ne. Continuing the trend, Alex is also fairly lukewarm about this newest Takahashi effort.