Yes, Master

Written by Bill Roundy
Illustrated by Bill Roundy

Who can resist a cover picture like that?

This is the short story of Igor, who loves Dr. Frankenstein, but it's unrequited, especially once a hunk of a monster is created. Igor may seem like a stupid assistant, but there's more to him that meets the eye, and nothing is more dangerous than a lover scorned. Watch as Igor takes matters of the heart into his own hands...

Yes, Master is extremely short but has the feel of a gothic horror story, if you take out the overnarration that plagues them. Igor is the lover who will do anything for his man, no matter what the cost. The ending is pitch perfect, leaving the reader with a truth that only they and one other know. It's a great job of storytelling by Roundy to capture that in only a few pages.

Artistically, Roundy is pretty basic, but he matches the story with the images, and his depictions of the increasingly jealous Igor is well done, as he watches the totally-in-love Frankenstein and his creation stroll around together.

Yes, Master is a cute little retelling of the Frankenstein story that I liked a lot. If you're looking for a new take on the tale, definitely look this up mini-comic. (You can find it on Roundy's website.)