The Amazing Adventures of Bill #11

Written by Bill Roundy
Illustrated by Bill Roundy

I was attracted to Mr. Roundy's work at SPX this past year when I saw "X and the City" at his table, and so I took some time to sample a few of his other comics.

Amazing Adventures is Roundy's journal comic, which he updates roughly semi-weekly. This is the 11th mini and finds him doing all the things you'd expect a comic-writing geek to do. Thus we get to see him riding home from playing D&D, going to parties, drinking (a fair amount), and occasionally using the strip to communicate his feelings to a wider audience.

Roundy has a pretty good knack for capturing the most interesting thing and opting to illustrate it. These are not comics just to fill the day, which I appreciate. We get insight into Roundy's mind from the first one we see, where he sees his interrupting a fight as a continuation of his D&D character. In another comic, he admits to being a coveter of things (another comic reading/writing geek habit).

The most touching moment, I think, is where Roundy admits to that paralyzing fear that hits when you have a lot to do, preventing you from doing anything and making matters worse. I know exactly how he feels.

Most of the comics are lighthearted looks at Roundy's experiences, such as the dilemma of beer aftertaste, making out at a party, or reading about what they're doing to poor Sherlock Holmes.

Journal comics are a specialized type of comic that isn't for everyone. They tell an ongoing story that may wander a bit here and there across the page. I like seeing into the lives of others and finding ways I can relate to them. Roundy's comics are both interesting and and easy to relate to, if a bit on the rough side artistically. If you like diary strips, it's definitely worth grabbing one of his mini collections at a show (or on his website) and see what you think. I think you'll be happy with the results.