Subterranean #-2

Written and Illustrated by Andrew Greenstone, Alexander Bullet, M. Muller, D. Morris, and Sean Knickerbocker

Subterranean gets a set of new faces and Knickerbocker returns in this third of the previews for the larger anthologies with normal numberings.

Once again, Greenstone opens and closes the mini-comic, with a hysterical story of why a young man hates the Yeti (perhaps he's the one who sawed off its leg?). The comedic timing and expressions on the Yeti's face are perfect. The closing story features the father of our country, George Washington, in his hardest (though perhaps most commercially viable) fight yet. It's Romero-rific!

Alexander Bullet has a short entry this time, but it's amusing in a macabre way that would fit very well in a tribute to old EC comics, as the joke has a Tales from the Crypt feel to it. Extra points for drawing a severed head that's creepy without being disgusting.

The role of one-page gag is taken over by Muller and Morris, with a parody of soap opera drama, this time with monsters. It's not bad, but I feel like it needed a little more space.

I have to be honest, I didn't get Knickerbocker's story, "Bombs over Buffalo," even after reading it three times. Perhaps you'll understand it better, but it seemed like a linking connection was missing.

Even with a few misses, Subterranean #-2 is very good for a mini comic anthology, telling a lot with only a few pages and managing to make that space work for the reader. Plus, Bullet and Greenstone keep getting better with each anthology. This comic, too, may be out of print, but see if you can find it.

I can't find a good website for the Subterranean folks, but their blog is here. It hasn't been updated in quite a while, though.