Subterranean #-3

Written and Illustrated by Andrew Greenstone and Alexander Bullet

This time around, in the second of the run-ups to the larger Subterranean anthologies, Greenstone and Bullet contribute two stories each and do a much better job of using the entire half-page space. There's also an improvement in the quality of the stories, which is to be expected over time.

Greenstone's contributions are "Johnny Hair #1" and "It Came from the Attic", which open and close the mini-comic. Both are riffs on sci-fi tropes and amused me quite a bit. The first features a hero who must give up time with his woman to save the city from a giant squid, with unexpected results. In the final story, Greenstone creates arguably the coolest girlfriend ever. That is, if you like getting stuff that wreacks havoc and destruction. And hey, who doesn't?

The inner stories by Bullet are twisted autobiographical stories, one themed like an old movie serial ala Flash Gordon and the other compares coffee to an entry drug. The former suffers a bit for me because it uses the idea of being wasted for comic effect, and I'm just not a big fan of the idea. Still, when they reach the final page, the cult references are pretty cool. We all know the power of coffee, but seeing yet another take on its effects on the human body is always enjoyable.

Subterranean #-3 is pretty cool and worth picking up if you can find a copy. (I think it's out of print, though.) It shows the development of two creators picking up steam. I can't find a good website for the Subterranean folks, but their blog is here. It hasn't been updated in quite a while, though.