Manga Monday 11-12-09

Haven't had one of these in awhile, but here's a few things I read that I thought I'd share:

An Ohio town with too much time on its hands is all up in arms because a manga has nudity in it, and it's available in a library. For shame! The Precocious Curmudgeon pointed me to this follow up article, which talks about how libraries struggle with shelving. I think it might help if they went back and actually *read* the manga, trades, and graphic novels on the shelves. I've occasionally blanched at getting out a clearly adult-themed story that was in the kids section.

The Manga Critic gives her list of the worst manga she's read. I remember reading #10 on the list and feeling pretty much the same way. I'm pretty sure the one I liked least of all was Tokyo Tribes, though I also remember disliking GTO pretty strongly, too. How about you?