Flight Volume 3

Written by Various Writers
Illustrated by Various Artists
Villard (Random House)

Here's the third edition of Flight, a very cool anthology by a group of artists who got together to write comics under the general theme of flight. I will be honest, I loved volume two so much that it was hard for this one to top its magic. While I liked it quite a bit, I don't think it managed to live up to that one, which so far is the best of the three I've read.

It's not that there's anything wrong with the quality of the stories, far from it, in fact. It's the feeling that for this collection, there was an emphasis on a more juvenile tone, even more so than volume two.

A lot of the protagonists are younger, dealing with imaginary monsters turned real, such as "Old Oak Trees" (one of my favorites), "Jellaby", and "The Lumbering Beast." Other stories, while not featuring children, do seem geared that way, like "The Rescue" or "Polaris", a girl who hovers to a tragic end.

There's certainly a fair share of dark, like the dying soldier who remembers his childhood playing war, "In Due Time", or "Conquest," about some Vikings off to die. But those seem almost out of place when you have "The Great Bunny Migration" around, you know?

Flight is a great series, and I still highly recommend this one, but if you're turned away from a story that seems geared to a lower age group, you may not like this one as much as the others.