Marmalade Boy Volume 2

Written by Wataru Yoshizumi
Illustrated by Wataru Yoshizumi

This shojo comedy continues with the story of Miki, a girl whose parents got divorced and re-married with another couple, who has a son, Yuu. They all live together and the question is whether Miki will fall in love with Yuu.

(This of course leads to great wordplay fun, as in "falling in love with Yuu.")

The bulk of this edition is a tennis match that forces the two rivals for Miki's affection to play together against a boy who loves Yuu's ex-girlfriend--and is the cousin of Miki's other rival. The match itself isn't very funny, so this book is not as good as the one that came before it. It feels more like a place holder, as one of the main plot points--the parents all living together--is shoved to the background, and Yuu's playfulness isn't showcased as much.

Still, it's better than the average manga, and I'm enjoying it. I think Yuu--er, you--would, too.