Marmalade Boy Volume 3

Written by Wataru Yoshizumi
Illustrated by Wataru Yoshizumi

More of the story of Miki, who wishes life were normal, and her half-brother by a very odd set of marriages, Yuu. Volume 3 finds us branching out a bit, as the supporting cast gets to have their say while Miki and Yuu try to alternate caring for and (pretending?) not to care for each other.

The story of a girl caring for her teacher is fairly common in writing, and so that being the focus of this volume kinda bored me. There really wasn't much in this volume that didn't seem to be out of things I'd seen before, so I admit to being a bit disappointed overall.

Yuu and Miki should be front and center at least most of the time, and here they feel shunted--and worse, too far apart from each other--most of the issues in this trade. I'll stay on, but my interest is flagging.