Marmalade Boy Volume 4

Written by Wataru Yoshizumi
Illustrated by Wataru Yoshizumi

Things perk up a bit here in Volume 4 as Miki tips her hand to the audience by being very upset at Yuu's apparent sexual orientation. While Yuu gets closer to a new school mate, Miki tries hard to both keep her distance and keep them apart. Are things as they look? Probably not? But are they deeper than Yuu wants to let on? Oh no, now that's a different story altogether. Well, not really, because, you know, it's all in the same manga. So it's really all the same story.


I am glad to report that I am back to being interested in the story again. The new twist with Yuu gives us a serious plot to hang our heads on, and Miki's desire to help him/keep him close gives it the love interest.

Where this manga is sorely lacking, however, is the humour, which only comes in pieces now that the tone is a bit more serious. It seems like the jokes are moving to the side people. That may or may not work, we shall see. Still, I am happy to report this won't be getting dropped from my reading list anytime soon.