Still Time to Grab Quality Books from Kilgore for 2018

March hasn't found me with a lot of free time, but I couldn't let the month end without pointing you towards the Kilgore Books 2018 Kickstarter, which is set to bring you up to and over 800 pages of comic goodness, depending on the level to which you pledge.

I've been reading Kilgore books for ages now, starting with their longtime staple Noah Van Sciver, and moving into other creators as time went on. It's great to see them be able to continue to thrive using Kickstarter as an engine, which is one of the things it's best at--being a platform for micropublishers.

This year's lineup is quite large, so they needed more funds. But look at all the amazing things you can get:

In detail, here's the list:
Blammo #10 - Noah Van Sciver : 44 pages, full color
Tommy Time - Tom Van Deusen : 32 pages, b/w
Baseline Blvd - Emi Gennis : 64 pages, b/w
Tinderella - M.S. Harkness : 120 pages, b/w
Monkey Chef - Mike Freiheit : 240 pages, full color
Angloid - Alex Graham : 152 pages, b/w
Lawns - Alex Nall : 100 pages, b/w
September 12th - Alex Sergel : 32 pages, b/w
Unnamed Inechi Comic - Inés Estrada : 36 pages, b/w
It's a pretty amazing lineup, highlighted for me by the reprint of Baseline Blvd by Emi Gennis, which I enjoyed so much I'm getting a new copy in this Kickstarter so I can gift it out to someone else!

For others, the big draw here is another issue of Noah Van Sciver's long-running Blammo anthology. Noah's anthology work is always extremely strong, managing to vary in tone--and sometimes even style--despite being a solo work. If you like Noah, this Kickstarter is worth it for that alone.

The sleeper here might be Alex Nall's Lawns, because if it's anything like his biography of Mr. Rogers that I read last year (and still need to review, *sigh*), it's going to be spectacular.

I don't know any of the other creators very well, but I'm intrigued by something called Monkey Chef, and I trust Kilgore to curate some of the best in comics and point me to new ideas and creators to follow, just like they did years and years ago.

The rewards tiers are extremely varied and allow you to do everything from pick out the full 2018 lineup (which I recommend) to just grabbing a series of books by one creator (such as Van Sciver), individual books if you so prefer, just the mini-comics if that's your preferred jam, and so on. Higher tier rewards, like artwork pages are available as well.

I really dig what Kilgore does, and I think most Panel Patter reader would too, if they aren't already. So go check out this Kickstarter before it ends, and pick up a book or three. You new favorite creator could just be a pledge away.