Nix Comics Rocks and Rolls into 2018 Kickstarter

It seems like all of the Panel Pals in the micro press world are doing Kickstarters or subscription sales right now, but I want to bring attention to as many of them as possible, because a) they're really cool b) they are the backbone of indie comics and c) each brings their own take to the comics medium, so every reader has a chance to get what they like.

Nix Comics is the brainchild of Ken Eppstein, who I've known for a long time now, going back to the first issues of his rock and roll horror anthology, Nix Comics, now headed for issue 10 if this project funds. There's also Nix Western, there was Nix Kids, and of course also his various one off projects.

Here's the main list of comics for this Kickstarter:

I'm very much looking forward to new Nix Quarterly and Nix Western, and Tales from the Crate, about Ken's adventures in records, appeals to me given my newfound love of vinyl. Belligerent Kitties is just a fun romp, too.

What's a typical Nix comic? Well, it's certainly not particularly typical, but usually, what you'll find are characters getting themselves into situations they have to fight their way out of, usually involving death and mayhem and music, not necessarily in that order, combined with some oddball reoccurring things, like Bus Stop Ned, the guy you don't really want to talk to on mass transit. The art is pretty typical for a mini-comic anthology, ranging from some really amazing work to people who are just getting their feet wet in comics illustration. Ken has a several regulars and it's been fun watching them evolve over time.

The rewards vary, ranging from getting a single issue to the core package for $25 plus shipping to a larger package that includes records with two of the comics (fitting, given Ken's themes). You can also go further up the line to pick up original art.

If you dig records, music, horror (especially B-movie grade) and anthologies, then you really need to be reading Nix Comics. This is a great way to start. You can back the Nix Comics Kickstarter here.