ECCC Preview: Image Intrigues Readers all Weekend

Another in our ECCC previews. This time it’s about Image!

Fresh off the Image Expo, where creators named their new projects, Image heads up the interstate and offers some cool things for Emerald City. Here’s a few things of note:

Image likes to do Con exclusives. Be aware they go extremely fast, however, so if you want any of these, make a beeline for their booth, which is #316.

VS #1 Variant, by Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic
AD: After Death hardcover by Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder
Kill or Be Killed Vol 1 Hardcover by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Elizabeth Breitweiser
Black Science Statue
I Believe in Comics T-shirt and Tote Bag

They also will have signings. A few people of note:


12:00 Tee Franklin of Bingo Love
12:00 Joseph Keatinge, James Asmus, and Chris Sebela
2:00 Charles  Soule and Ryan Browne
3:00 Farel Dalrymple


1:00 Tee Franklin
2:00 Donnie Cates
3:00 Anthony Del Col
3:00 Joseph Keatinge, James Asmus, and Chris Sebela


1:00 Kyle Starks

Image is also sponsoring one panel per day:

Thursday 4pm, TCC L3-R3 We Believe in Vision
Friday 4pm, TCC L3-R5 We Believe in Imagination
Saturday 4pm, TCC L3-R5 We Believe in Creativity
Sunday 2:30pm, TCC L3-R5 We Believe in Storytelling

Image also always brings a ton of trades and some cool pins and things to the show with them, but the most popular items always sell out fast. As the largest of the non Big 2 Publishers, it’s always a good idea to stop by their table and pick up some of the best comics out there for readers looking to branch out from their superhero diet.