ECCC Preview: Boom! And Oni Explode on the Scene

Back with another show preview! This time, it’s twice as nice as we look at Boom! and Oni Press...

BOOM! Studios loves its spot at ECCC, covering the Skybridge. I agree; it’s really cool. As with most publishers, they’ll have some exclusive covers, including a gorgeous variant for the latest Jim Henson’s Labrinth series by Panel Pal Ben Dewey. I’m not the variant cover type, but...this one might have to come home with me. If I can get there in time.

They’ll also have signings. Here’s a few that I think out readers will be most interested in:

Thursday at 2:00 pm, Ryan North, Braden Lamb, and Shelli Paroline, the original Adventure Time team, will be together again
Friday at 11:00am, Matt Kindt of Grass Kings and many, many other things stops by
Saturday at 4:00pm, Matt Kindt returns
Sunday at 3:00, Josh Trujillo and Cara McGee will sign as well

Boom! also has a few panels:

Thursday at 3:15, Boom! goes to the Seattle Public Library to discuss their lines for educators and librarians.
Friday at 4:00 in room TCC L3-R1, the focus is on the amazing Lumberjanes series, which is heading for its 50th issue soon. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long.
Saturday at 1:30pm in room TCC L3- R1, Boom! gives its linewide overview to a general audience.
Sunday at 1:30pm in room WSCC604, the focus will be on the long running Mouse Guard series.

Moving on to Oni Press, who will be at booth 216, if you are a Rick and Morty fan, they have a ton of variants for you. But the exclusive I have my eye on is the first Volume of Kim Reaper, one of my favorite books of 2017.

Oni has these signings that I think you should check out:


10:00 Yehudi Mercado of Sci-Fu
12:30 Chris Sebela and Robert Wilson IV of Heartthrob
03:00 Jen Bartel
04:00 Tess Stone, Ananth Hirsh, Yuko Ota of Not Drunk Enough and Our Cats are More Famous thann Us
05:00 Kyle Starks and Gabo


11:00 Ted Naifeh of Night’s Dominion, Princess Ugg, and others
12:00 Terry Blas, Molly Muldoon, and Matthew Seeley
03:00 Cat Ferris of My Boyfriend is a bear
04:00 Tini Howard, Kyle Starks, and Sarah Graley
05:00 Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan of Oh Joy Sex Toy


11:00 Ted Naifeh
12:00 Yehudi Mercado
01:00 Terry Blas, Molly Muldoon, and Matthew Seeley
02:00 Sarah Graley