Scott's Completely Subjective and Totally Questionable Best Comics of 2017 (Weekend Pattering for January 12th, 2018)


From Pope Hats #5 by Ethan Rilly

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Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise XXV #1

I gave up on Terry Moore's Strangers In Paradise somewhere around 2/3rds into its initial run but I don't really remember why.  While none of Moore's subsequent series have really caught my imagination that much, seeing Katchoo on the cover of a new comic throws me back to the 1990s and the self-publishing boom.

And really, if this was just another SiP comic, I don't know if I'd really care but I love the mystery of this image with Katchoo standing on a train platform, surrounded by people who look like they're on their way to work but have these masks over their faces.  Why?  What's going on here?  This is a great cover that provides a strong hook.

Your Moment of Scott's Favorite Comics of 2017

from The Mighty Thor #700 by Jason Aaron, Russel Dauterman & Matt Wilson

This year I joined the Best Shot's crew at Newsarama and named my Gold, Silver and Bronze comics of 2017.

Gold: Boundless (Drawn & Quarterly)
Silver: Royal City (Image)
Bronze: Batman/Elmer Fudd (DC)

During 2017, I already wrote about Batman/Elmer Fudd and Royal City.  Jillian Tamaki's Boundless has been sitting next to my computer for months now, waiting for me to write something about it.  It is the book that's really stuck with me this year as Tamaki's collection of short stories explore a world that seems just slightly off-center from ours.  She creates these stories around recognizable things but shifts their point-of-views just enough to throw you off any solid footing you may have.  It's a great reading experience.

Here are other books from 2017 that deserve to be celebrated as some of the best comics and, if I wrote about them, links to those reviews. (Of course, these are the best that I read.  I'm sure that there's plenty of books that I didn't read that should be up here on this list.)
from Palookaville #23 by Seth

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