Graphic Nonfiction: Keith Knight Talks About Prince's 1999

We here at Panel Patter are saddened by the death of Prince, a simply amazing creator of music, but also one of the best cosplayers of all time:

While Prince's obvious comics connection is splitting music duties with Denny Elfman for the first Michael Keaton Batman film, he obviously influenced so many people with his music. Keith Knight is just one of the many people talking about their feelings regarding Prince.

Knight, who we featured last year talking about Stevie Wonder, once again looks at one particular album from a musical icon. Here's his discussion of Prince's 1999 album.

A sample from the feature shows Knight's style when talking nonfiction in his comics. He likes to center an image, and put the boxes around it, guiding the reader across the page. There's a bit more reliance on words than images, but the advantage is keeping things from getting cramped:

You can read the entire post here.

Rest in peace, Prince, and thanks for all the music.