Graphic Nonfiction: Keith Knight Pays Tribute to Stevie Wonder's Iconic Album

Though I always went straight for The Nib, Medium also featured comics in other parts of its site. Here's an example that was re-tweeted recently by my friend (and great comics journalist) Deb Aoki. Cartoonist (and former Michael Jackson impersonator!) Keith Knight took some time back in February to appreciate one of Stevie Wonder's classic albums, "Songs in the Key of Life."

Mixing personal feelings about the release of the album, Wonder's 18th at just 25 years old, and facts surrounding its release, Knight brings a piece of history to life for fresh eyes. While I am a big fan of Steve Wonder myself, I had no idea of the impact of "Songs in the Key of Life" and reading this made me think about how I listen to the musician's work--single by single--and whether I might want to change that in the future.

Here's a sample from the comic:

You can read all of Keith Knight's tribute to "Songs in the Key of Life" here.