Graphic Nonfiction: Lucy Bellwood goes to XOXO

We'll return again to one of our favorite nonfiction creators, Lucy Bellwood, who continues to do work with Medium even after the loss of The Nib. A little while back, my hometown (and Lucy's) of Portland, OR held a conference called XOXO. It's a place where independent folks from the arts and technology mix and talk.

Bellwood was asked to do live sketches of the speakers, requiring her to work quickly, as she only had 20-40 minutes to complete her drawing and include a few pull quotes in the form of speech bubbles.

They're really cool, and I think Lucy did a great job with them. Here's her portrayal of Spike Trotman, anthologist and artist:

You can find all of the XOXO sketches from Lucy here.

I had a lot of fun seeing these pop up on Twitter, and it's great to find them collected. You can learn more about Lucy Bellwood from our past posts or by going to her website. She'll soon have a full book for you--the collected Baggywrinkles--if you didn't back the Kickstarter. Look for it soon!