Lucy Bellwood Launches Baggywrinkles Collection Kickstarter

We've written extensively here on Panel Patter about Lucy Bellwood's creative endeavors, whether it's working collaboratively as part of the (hopefully soon to be back in action) Cartozia Tales group project or on solo work such as her articles on The Nib.

Talented at both autobiographical work or fiction, Lucy's probably best known as the comic creator who knows a ton of stuff about sailing. Now she's taking the non-fiction mini-comics she's been writing and drawing for years, Baggywrinkles, and putting it together into a 100-page softcover collection.

Here's Lucy's description of Baggywrinkles, in her own words:
Baggywrinkles is one-part educational textbook, one-part autobio memoir, and one-part historical joyride.
The issues begin with Bellwood's "running off to sea," and continues with stories about the problems with the concept of walking the plank, nautical tattoos, and even (with co-writer Eriq Nelson) a rather detailed look at Scurvy.

Come on, you know you want that!

If you are familiar with Lucy's work, you know that she's able to weave observations of the world with personal anecdotes, such as her mini, "Back to the Seas Again" which I reviewed here.  A short snipped of what I said:

This comic reminded me a lot of my favorite comic travelogue, Carnet de Voyage from Craig Thompson, because of its mix of personal reflection and the world around the artist. The blend of inner thoughts and external actions is a tricky mix to manage, but Lucy gets it just right.

She also does a great job on the illustrations here. While it's hard to make boats look different from each other if you're a land lubber, I had no problem getting a feel for the life on the boat, thanks to strong panel composition and amazing detail work that absolutely nails the place settings. While most artists might have drawn general backgrounds (if any at all), even the place where Lucy gives a talk is illustrated down to the trees in the background, peeking out against the windows.
Baggywrinkles is in the same vein, so if you liked "Back to the Seas Again," helping to pre-fund Bagglewrinkles is a no-brainer. If you need more proof, they're available online for you to read before you commit to helping with the Kickstarter.

Lucy's goal is $15,000, which she breaks down in detail, similar to what her fellow Periscope Studio-mate Erika Moen did for the Oh Joy Sex Toy Kickstarters, showing why she's asking for this number. To help her meet the goal and ensure the project moves forward, there are tiers ranging from $8 for a digital copy of the book to $12 for a digital collection of her work of the past year along with the new book to only $16 for a print copy of Baggywrinkles (which includes the PDFs as well). At the higher end, you can pay $100 for a signed and numbered print, $350 for original art, or even $550 for a custom watercolor of a ship of your choice. All of those latter items include the book as well.

If Lucy makes her goal and exceeds it, another Panel Pal, Joey Weiser (along with  Michele Chidester) gets involved, adding color to the book. It's always fun to see two comics friends collaborate, and Joey's color work is exceptional. That would be a really cool addition, but first things first--the project needs to fund.

In addition to being a great creator, Lucy is a wonderful person who was very supportive when my spouse and I were moving to Portland, and watching her career really take off in the past year has been an absolute pleasure. Let's cap that year off with a successfully funded project.

You can fund Lucy's Bagglewrinkles Kickstarter here.  For more information on Bellwood as a creatore, please visit Lucy's website.