Graphic Nonfiction: Andy Warner Drips Knowledge about Coffee

The new Nib, now with corporate sponsorship,* is still putting out some great work. Here's Panel Pal Andy Warner, who will be at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend if you're in Portland, Oregon, continuing his fine skills at chronicling neat-but-obscure facts.

This time, Andy's got the scoop on how one woman, fed up with ground-filled coffee, created the coffee filtration system on her own, and was such a big success, she was able to employ her whole family. It's a great story of a woman in business, and Andy's typical strong mix of visuals (this time, with a decidedly lighthearted bent) and just enough factual text, combine for a story that's a must read when you're having your morning coffee.

Here's a sample from the comic:

You can read all of Andy Warner's "How One German Mom Single-Handedly Changed How We Drink Coffee" here.

*I trust Matt Bors not to take bad money, and if it's helping creators get paid, then so much the better. Still, I miss the old Nib a ton.