Please Welcome Another New Patter-er, Emilia Packard!

2015 is really rocking for Panel Patter, and we're just getting started!

This week brings us another new member for the Panel Patter team, Emilia Packard. I came across Emilia when I was hanging out at Goodreads, looking for some new contributors by seeing who had similar taste to the rest of the Panel Patter team, but also a distinct voice.

Emilia really caught my attention over there with her insightful, concise writing style that gets straight to the point, and is able to talk about both the positives and negatives of a work, providing a critical eye. She's also a creator in her own right, with a diary comic (linked in her bio), making her yet another member of the team who works within comics herself!

I'm so very happy she accepted my invitation, and her first review, which will be on the site shortly, was a great debut entry that I can't wait for you all to read.

Here's what Emilia has to say about herself:

Emilia Packard has been reading comics since sophomore year of college when her best friend handed her Blankets and changed her life, writing her own extremely scribbly diary comic since 2010 ( and can currently be
found hard at work reading comic books while her infant daughter crawls around, cooing and squeaking at her feet. She will read basically anything she gets her hands on and give you an earful about it, but has a special affinity for works in translation, kid's comics
that appeal to all ages, boundary-pushing lady artists,and shaky-handed comic diarists. She has no opinions on superhero comics whatsoever, except that Superman is very attractive.
Please give Emilia a big hand, and look for her take on A Bintel Brief, appearing later today on Panel Patter. Welcome Emilia!