Bookmark for Later Use: A Calendar for Zine Fests

Here's something for you to bookmark for later use: Panel Pal Alex Wrekk (of Stolen Sharpie Revolution and Brainscan) has compiled a list of Zine Fests all over the world in a calendar for 2015.

The list isn't complete yet, as a lot of shows have not yet finalized their date, and some, sadly, won't happen again in 2015. But it's a great resource that you should save to your browser's bookmarks for when you want to know when there's a show coming up near you!

Though best known as a print book (newly revised and available here), Alex's Stolen Sharpie Revolution also has a website for more timely information, such as this and other resources.

Zine Fests are great ways to meet people who are interested in the same things as you, whether it's bad movies, going to yard sales, or sharing the struggle for sexual or racial identity. They also have some wonderful folks working in the mini-comic genre, too--Liz Prince, John Porcellino, and Rachel Dukes are just a few of the people who are well-known in comics circles that come right out of zine culture. You're not going to find many Superman clones at a zine fest, but some of my favorite comics have come from picking them up at these shows.

You can find Alex's list of Zine Fests in 2015 here. (If you're running a zine fest, why not make sure Alex adds it to her list?)

And if you're looking for help making your own mini-comic or zine, you can get a copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution here.