Weekend Pattering For 12/19/14

** Annie Koyama has a wonderful picture on her Instagram feed of Art Spiegelman surrounded by fans at a show opening.  Spiegelman is a cartoonists that I'm so thankful is just out there in the world and I love this picture.

** At The Comics Journal, Howard Cruse draws a comic based on an essay he wrote around 56 years ago on Slang and Profanity.  There's an innocence to the essay that's so wholesomely 1950s and Cruse is still a fantastic artist.  I love how the 70 year old cartoonist steps out of the way of the 14 year old student except to point out the problem of his logic at the end there.

Howard Cruse

** Also at The Comics Journal has been a fun run of unpublished interviews with Zap Comix cartoonists, such as this one with Gilbert Shelton (more can be found in their Zap tag).  The underground cartoonists that created Zap are probably some of the cartoonists that I know the least about but Fantagraphics just put out a Comics Journal Library Edition filled with art and interviews from that crew.  I'll be enjoying reading this book over the next couple of weeks.

The Comics Journal Library- ZAP: The Interviews
** Another year of Eisner judges being announced and another year I get snubbed.  I'm the Susan Lucci of the comics world.  Honestly, that's a pretty good list this year.  I always like how the Eisner judges span through different comic-related communities.

** On Panel Patter this week: