Brooklyn Zine Fest Returns April 25th/26th, Sets Application Date for Jan 9-14

A great show for zine and mini-comics folks returns in 2015, as the Brooklyn Zine Fest announced its 2015 dates as being April 25th and April 26th, 2015. They'll be returning to the Brooklyn Historical Society again this year.

In 2014, the organizers split creators across two days, to allow for more exhibitors to table, and while there isn't a note about it in the press release, I expect that they'll be doing it again. While that sucks if your favorite creator isn't scheduled for the day you can go, I think it's a great compromise to keep to the same venues without dramatically rising prices or keeping folks out. The more creators who can get exposure at zine and small press comic shows, the better!

What we do know for sure is that the show will feature over 150 exhibitors, along with workshops, panels, and events leading up to the weekend of the show. Matt and Kseniya are very much involved in the zine scene (you may know them best as the folks behind I Love Bad Movies), and they know what it's like to be on the other side of a table, and it's no surprise that I hear lots of good things about this show every year.

They also know that it sucks when you can't get in, but there's only so much space. They do curate Brooklyn Zine Fest, which I know is an issue for some in the zine community, but it's to ensure that the people tabling are going to be able to actually provide zines and comics for the attendees. It also means that people who are there are focused on the zine and mini-comic mindset, not just waiting for the next major Comic Con or craft fair.* The organizers recommend clear descriptions and photos, where possible, when you submit.

Speaking of submissions, those of you with a zine or mini ready to roll who can make Brooklyn in April totally need to mark January 9th on your calendar, as that's when submissions for the zine fest open. They close on the 14th at noon Eastern, too, so don't delay!

If you aren't planning to table, but want to take a day (or two) looking at great comics and zines, make sure you block off time in your calendar now for April 25th/26th. We'll have more coverage of the show as it gets closer to the time, with a preview of creators and other things. Maybe one of the team will see you there!

*Crafts have their place, and I'm not knocking those with Cons as their focus. But I'm sorry, if you want to be at small press show or especially at a zine fest, then you need to be thinking (and producing material) accordingly.