Recommendations for the Fantagraphics Annual Not-at-Comic-Con Sale

For the 4th straight year, Fantagraphics is holding a 20% off sale on their entire catalog for those folks who aren't attending Comic-Con.* It's a great chance to pick up books both old and new from one of the best of the indie publishers.

The sale runs until Midnight Pacific time on Sunday, July 27th and is good for 20% everything on the website, with no restrictions, which is a nice touch, but typical of the classy publisher.

You can use the code  FANTACON714 at checkout to get the discount.

For the purpose of this post, I'll be concentrating on their newer releases. If you want to dig deeper, feel free to have a look at what the Panel Patter team has said about older Fanta books here. Generally speaking, the publisher has someone for anyone interested in comics, whether it's classic newspaper strips reprinted in a high-quality manner, heartfelt memoirs, old EC work getting a collected edition, or some of the rawest comics work you'll see on a printed page. They are a vast and varied company, so do have a look.

Now for the recommendations:

21: The Story of Roberto Clemente is a great fit for the baseball fan in your life, as the pioneering Latin American superstar's life gets a profile in a new, softcover edition.
Buddy Buys a Dump is the third volume of Peter Bagge's long-running series of a man who allows for a cynical look at life has a title that refers to something you'd never expect. Bagge's possibly the best misanthrope in comics!
Cannon is a Wally Wood solo effort featuring spies and sex. Really all you need to know.
Cosplayers features 2 cosplayers who decide to make a movie. Dash Shaw plays with the fans in the first of two comics, both of which are on the site.
Creeping Death from Neptune The Life and Comics of Basil Wolvertin Vol 1 collects this eccentric creator's works along with biographical information. Fans of the old, pre-code comics definitely will love this.
Ditko Kirby Wood is an homage by Sergio Ponchione to three of the best to ever draw.
Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 2 by Ed Piskor is set to hit the streets in September but you can pre-order it now for a discount. A detailed, methodical but fun tribute to the world of hip-hip, Piskor's series is really amazing.
Love and Rockets New Stories 7. Do I have to explain why?
Run Like Crazy Run Like Hell by Jacques Tardi and Jean-Patrick Manchette is described as a noir thriller. Given the team involved, this looks like it will be quite good.
Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen is Dylan Horrocks' first new graphic novel since Hicksville. It's another playing with the role of creator and creation, it looks like, and I can't wait to read it.
Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol 1, now in softcover. Ditko's earliest comics work all reproduced for you in a legal (i.e. rights properly acquired) edition.
Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol 1 by Michael Kupperman also gets the softcover treatment. Read one of the best satirists in comics do his thing on short, sometime micro-flash sized concepts. Highly recommended!
4-volume set of EC Hardcovers: If you can afford it and love old EC comics as much as I do, this is the collection to grab. 4 books together, featuring Wally Wood, Jack David, Al Williamson, and more.
Wandering Son, the manga dealing with transgender issues, is up to Volume 6, with a seventh on the way.
Young Romance 2: The Early Simon and Kirby Romance Comics is sure to be a winner, looking at the kind of stories you don't normally associate with the folks behind Captain America.

I could easily have listed another 15 comics, or even 150, if I was so inclined. Fantagraphics is one of the best in the business. Don't believe me? Take advantage of the sale and find out!

*I guess you can still order if you're attending Comic-Con, but good luck getting the wireless to work, from what I understand.