Comixology Holds Sales, Including another Indie-Driven Bundle

Fresh off its news that a nice chunk of its books will be DRM-free and downloadable, Comixology has collected a big chunk of sales timed during the San Diego Comic-Con and featuring two of the publishers involved in the new program.

A total of 8 big sales are running right now, including a Batman binge, Zenoscope's Grimm Fairy Tales, and a discount on certain Viz books.

I'd like to highlight four of the things available, which I think match up most closely with what we've been focusing on here at Panel Patter. (Right now, I'm so far behind on my manga reading that I don't think I could accurately talk about a Viz sale, sadly.)

First up is the 45 cents (yes, I said 45 CENTS, as is 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel and 5 pennies) trade of the day, which is the Hernandez Brothers' Love and Rockets New Stories Volume 1, from Fantagraphics. That's an insane savings, as the trade normally costs eight bucks. If you haven't had the chance to read any of the Love and Rockets material, here's a chance to try it on the cheap! But you need to act fast--this sale ends today, July 25th, at 11:59pm EST.

Next is a new bundle of 100 Comixology Submit titles for only $10! While I can't swear for sure that it's all new books from the last bundle I encouraged you to purchase, a quick glance makes me pretty sure that's true. At worst, it might be a duplicate or two. Still, getting 100 indie comics for only $10, making them TEN CENTS EACH means digital folks who like to read books that aren't from the major indies should have a field day finding new favorites.

Included in this bundle are:
  • Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales, edited by Kel McDonald and a great anthology I never got a chance to review for the sight. That's worth the $10 alone.
  • Rex Zombie Killer, about a pack of animals trying to survive in an zombie apocalypse, which proves that not all zombie stories are played out.
  • When I was a Mall Model by Panel Patter Pal Monica Gallagher
  • The Lizard Laughed by another PP Pal, Banner-maker Noah Van Sciver
  • Wolves from Becky Cloonan, who is finally getting the recognition she deserves (I'm just annoyed it takes being on Batman to do it.)
  • ReincarNATE #1 from PP Pal, Michael Moreci and co.
  • Merrick the Sensational Elephantman #1, which James Kaplan reviewed recently
  • Aw Yeah Comics! #1
 A chance to pick up those books (and a bunch more that are sure to be good, too!) is not to be missed. If you do nothing else from the sales this weekend, grab this one. There's nothing better than getting to experiment. At 10 cents a comic? It's downright criminal to pass. You should get on this one before July 27th at 11pm EST, when the sale ends.

Top Shelf, one of the DRM-free publishers, is also holding sales, both in bundle form (including a "get everything for $150" deal) and separately. The sale also runs through 11pm EST on the 27th of July.

Items of note include:
  • Eddie Campbell's underrated Baccus series
  • A bunch of Alan Moore, for those who like his most recent work
  • All of James Kochalka's American Elf diaries for just $9.99
  • All of Double Barrell for just $5.99
 Top Shelf is one of my favorite publishers, so you really rarely go wrong with them. This sale is a good chance to dive in and enjoy some great indie comics.

Last but not least is an Image Comics Sale. This one focuses on the top Image titles, which means it's a chance to catch up if you didn't jump on from the start. Remember that Image, too, is DRM-free and download-friendly now. Running through 11pm EST on July 28th, the sale includes deals on collections and single issues (as well as an all-in-one bundle) on the following books:
  • Saga
  • Pretty Deadly
  • Lazarus
  • Manhattan Projects
  • Rat Queens
  • East of West
  • Sex Criminals
  • Zero
  • Nowhere Men
All in all, there's a ton of good books available for you to completely blow your budget on. Have fun, and enjoy this comics windfall. No matter which of these deals you take part in, you're getting quality work from a diverse range of talents, both known and new!