Subscription Comic News: Restructured Oily Offers First Bundle and Cartozia Tales on Sale

My new favorite publisher header.
Anyone who reads Panel Patter on a regular basis knows that I love getting comics in the mail. Here are two pieces of news relating to getting comics in the mail, for those who are of a similar interest.

First off, Oily Comics has revealed its first bundle plan now that it's moved out of the monthly schedule, as publisher Charles Forsman announced a little while ago. I'm happy to see that it didn't take long for Forsman to put together something new, which looks to be a potential model for future orders from the company. Instead of doing small quarter-sized minis, it looks like there will be one feature book (in this case, written and drawn by none other than Noah Van Sciver!), along with what I expect will be minis in the old Oily tradition. Also offered as part of the package are prints and a fancy envelope. Other creators involved in this bundle are Forsman, Aaron Cockle, and Dan Zettwoch on the comic side and Jessica Campbell on the print end.

Forsman hopes to add more if possible, and I love that his contribution is "something." The package will be limited to only a run of 200 and is $20.

Meanwhile, the much-delayed third issue of Cartozia Tales will soon be on its way to subscribers and in celebration, editor Isaac Cates is offering a sale on a 10-issue subscription for a limited time. I reviewed (and loved) the first two issues and am happily subscribed to this one, but now is a great time to get in, as the reduced rate of $62 is only about $6 an issue, which is a steal for a 44 page mini-comic with some of the best creators whose careers are about to really take off, like Lucy Bellwood and Jen Vaughn, along with existing stars such as James Kochalka and Ben Towle.

For those needing a refresher, Cartozia is the story of a shared world where the main creators rotate from issue to issue across parts of the map, meaning that a storyline started by one person may be finished by someone else. With guest stars mixed in, there's a lot of visual and creative variety.

Both are great opportunities that aren't to be missed. Make sure you check them out now, before they're gone!