Nix Comics Works to Kicks-Start 2 Rock 'n' Roll Themed Books

Nix Comics publisher Ken Eppstein, no stranger to reaching out to crowd source projects above and beyond the usual Nix Comics Quarterly/Western/For Kids line, has another Kickstarter project funding now, looking to get funding via pre-orders for two comics with a music theme.

All of Nix Comics have a strong tie to records or music, because of Eppstein's past running a record store, which he opted to shutter in favor of publishing comics instead.

From the news release, a description of the first offering, "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Record Stores?":

“Adapted from a true to life story about meeting The Ramones by Bela Koe-Krompecher from his popular eponymous blog about the Columbus punk and indie rock scene of the 90s.  Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores is a story about the punk and indie rock scene of the 90s, from the record stores to the seedy bars.  It harkens back to a day before celebrity culture made our idols unapproachable caricatures.  On the edges, this comic is about a couple of goofy record store kids meeting the Ramones, at its core this comic is about a part of our past culture that is sorely missed.  
Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores will be a 24 page, B&W comic written by Bela Koe Krompecher, adapted by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Andy Bennett."
This one is clearly close to Eppstein's heart, and anyone who is old enough to remember when record stores--hell, CD stores for that matter!--were a thing should find a lot of commonalities in the narrative.

The second offering is longer, at 72 pages, and is, I believe, Nix Comics' first foray into doing a reprint. Again, from the news release, a description of "Pure Entertainment #4 Pocket Book:
"Originally published in the 80s by Look Mom, Comics!, Pure Entertainment #4 brought together some of the best cartooning talent in alternative comics from the New York area (and beyond!) to celebrate, denigrate and generally disseminate Rock Music.  Many of the artists in Pure Entertainment went on to bigger and better things and this reprint will provide a great "Then and now" perspective on these great cartoonists. 
Pure Entertainment will be a 72 page, B&W 5" x 7.5" pocket book edited by Pete Friedrich and featuring pieces by Bob Camp, Peter Kuper, Mort Todd, J.B. Bonivert, Dave Simons, Bobby London, Gary Hallgren, Gene Fama, Michael Fontanelli, Eric Cartier, Voss, Liberatore, and many more! The book includes a huge range illustrated of bands and songs – from early Roxy Music to New York Dolls to Devo to Geza X and everything in between, plus lots of original storylines! Many of the artists in Pure Entertainment went on to bigger and better things and this reprint will show their amazing original stories and also provide a great "Then and now" perspective on these great cartoonists."
The primary goal of this Kickstarter is to ensure there's sufficient interest in the comics, so Eppstein has the goals set up accordingly. $8 gets you the Record Store comic, $13 nabs the reprint, and $18 gets you both comics in a bundle. There are higher options, too, including prints and even an Ice Cream Sunday party, if you are local to Nix Comics' home in Columbus, Ohio.

As of this writing, the project is at about 66.6% funded, which is cool because rock is the tool of the devil, but Satan won't be satisfied (and neither will Ken) until this one hits 100%. Nix Comics have a very high production value and a strong sense of theme, and these two look to be no exception. If you like rock, especially if you're about 30 or older, this is a project to investigate and give some of your hard-earned money.

You can find (and fund) the Nix Comics Kickstarter here.