Northwest Press Holds Valentine's Day Sale.

Northwest Press, a relatively new publisher specializing in comics with an LGBT theme, announced via e-mail today that they were holding a brief sale for Valentine's Day, so that folks could "Show your love for LGBT comics!" as the picture to the left indicates.

While not listed directly on the front page of the site yet (at least as of this writing, the sale is reflected on the prices of the comics in their store.

Running from February 11th to February 15th, Northwest is offering 25% its original graphic novels and comics--but only on the print editions.

That's a bit disappointing for a digital fan like me, but it does mean that those who like their comics in print form can pick up books at a cheaper price, which is good given that, being honest, the higher price points on Northwest books has kept me away from them in the past.

In addition to the print copy, readers will also receive a digital copy in the format of their choice, including PDF and CBZ. The e-mail does not say if these are DRM-free or not. [Edited to add: Northwest has confirmed that the digital copies are in fact DRM-free. See comments section of post.-RobM]

One of the cool things about this sale is that Northwest is including all of its recent books, too, which means you can grab Panel Patter-er Rob Kirby's anthology QU33R at a discount along with another anthology, Anything that Loves. Other Northwest books that have caught my eye include Transposing and something called Al-Queda's Super-Secret Weapon, which is apparently a gay farce that Apple didn't care for.

I can only speak for QU33R, which I've read and should have a review for shortly, but the quality of the content is consistent with publishers such as Fantagraphics or Hic and Hoc, where you can get deep into alternative comix territory. The physical copies of the books that I've seen look great, so though the cost may be prohibitive for some, I can assure that they aren't skimping on quality in any way for the paper or covers.

Northwest Comics' sale ends Saturday, February 15th. If you've had an interest in their books but haven't tried them yet, now sure seems like a good time to treat yourself--or a lover of good comics in your life.