Hic & Hoc Announces 2014 Lineup

I always look forward to seeing what Matt Moses chooses for the Hic & Hoc roster every year. For those of you who don't know, Hic & Hoc is a small comics publisher based in Montclair, NJ. I've interviewed Matt before and what I've noticed is that it's hard to pin down his comics "type". This is pretty apparent in the lineup for this year, which is quite eclectic. Here's what to expect:

1) Mimi and the Wolves: Act I (Alabaster)- SPRING

This is a fantastical and beautifully drawn comic which was originally self-published by Alabaster, but has now been reprinted for this year by Hic & Hoc. You can check out my review of it here. Highly recommended.

2) Irene Volume 4 (edited by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner, and dw)- SPRING

This anthology will feature work from a diverse group of  "emerging cartoonists" including some Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) alums. I am not too familiar with the artists included, but given the quality of Hic & Hoc's past anthologies, I'm sure it'll be quite strong.

3) Scaffold: The Collected Edition (V A Graham & J A Eisenhower)- SUMMER

Again, not familiar with the artists, but the story, which concerns a "migratory people living on a world-sized structure" which itself is moving, sounds very original and I'm curious about the storytelling style.

4) Cheer Up (Noah Van Sciver)- FALL

Noah Van Sciver is one of my favorite cartoonists working today, so I'm super excited for this one. It was also a smart move on Moses' part to add some humor into the mix.

5) Infinite Bowman (Pat Aulisio)- FALL

This will be a collection of Aulisio's previous stories as well as some new ones. It is a feast for the eyes and will also provide some humor to the lineup. Stoked.

I highly recommend checking out the Hic & Hoc selection this year to get a representative survey of the variety of innovative comics being put out by young artists. The official announcement is here.

-Whit Taylor