2D Cloud Holds 40% Off Sale Through February 28th

Cleverly re-purposed panel from one of the 2D Cloud comics.
Minnesota-based small press publisher 2D Cloud announced yesterday that that were holding a sale for the rest of the month of February, offering 40% off their catalog.

In a move that many customers will appreciate, the publisher opted not to make potential purchases jump through hoops or do the math in their head. They've gone ahead and just slashed the prices in advance, so the price you see on their shop page is the price you'll pay before shipping, taxes, etc. as needed.

That's a really cool idea, actually. While it's not a lot of extra effort to put in a code, just seeing the price and going straight to the checkout is a nice touch. Especially given the sale is going on for roughly two week.

In addition to the sale price for individual readers, they are also offering discounts to retailers wishing to stock their books. The news release suggests speaking to 2D Cloud directly about placing a bulk order.

The release notes their reasons for doing this are three fold:
And if you are interested in the nitty gritty, this sale is 3 fold:
To thank you for your past patronage, and hopefully future patronage too ;)
To help us raise some capital for the year ahead (we are stupid ambitious, haha).
And finally to make some headway in direct relations with shops.
That makes a lot of sense, and while I don't have a lot of experience with their books, Whit and I both liked Strong Eye Contact (Whit's review is here) and they stock Noah Van Sciver comics, so it's clear they have good taste.

The 2D Cloud  40% off sale is right on their website, and ends February 28th.