Baltimore Comic Con 2011 Haul

After every show, I try to put together a list of the things I got at the show. Here's what turned up in my bag of magical comics when I opened it up today to catalog it:

Graphic Novels and Collections

  • Blink So Far by Max Ink (also 2 minis)
  • Dusk Volume 1 by David Doub and Others
  • FUBAR Empire of the Rising Dead by Various
  • Journey into Mohawk Country by HM van der Bogaert and George O'Connor
  • The God Machine Vol 1 by Chandra Free
  • Gods & Undergrads Books 1 and 2 by Monica Gallagher
  • Monsters!* Mostly by DAve Wachter
  • Strange Tales for Boys and Girls by Neil R. King
  • Umbra by Vikki Chu
  • The Unknown Books 1 and 2 by Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer
Single Comics

  • Border Crossings 1-3 by Christian Sager and Andrew Sides
  • DC Conspiracy Book of the Dead by Various
  • First Law of Mad Science #1 by Mike Isenberg and Oliver Mertz
  • Gay Kid #2 by Katie Omberg
  • Saga of the Power Heroes 1 of 5 by Derrick A. Rivers
  • The Serial Squad! One-Shot by Paul E. Schultz
  • Teddy and the Yeti 1-3 + Special by Jeff McClelland and Others
This show was a little unusual for me in that I got more bound books than mini-comics. I think some of that had to do with the nature of the artists at the show, as it seemed like there were more collected works than single issues or mini-comic samplers.

I was particularly excited to get God Machine, as I'd sampled it earlier digitally but felt like it would read better in print. I also wanted to get something from Ms. Gallagher after reading her entry in the Baltimore Time Travel Anthology. One can never go wrong with Mark Waid, and Blink comes highly recommended by Johanna.

The singles/minis were mostly things that caught my eye and were priced within sampling range. Teddy and the Yeti was based on enjoying the writing that McClelland had done in the FUBAR anthology. I am of course a big fan of Ms. Omberg, and was pleased to be able to get her second Gay Kid issue ahead of SPX.

I had a really great time at the show, and can't wait to read these great comics!