Sunday Readings 5-29-11

A few things to pass along for your Memorial Day Weekend reading pleasure...

First up, Ty Templeton pokes fun at multiple things, most notably Memorial Day for superheroes. Thanks to Comics Cavern for that one.

Those of you with creative skills who work within the small press medium should check out this new group called Small Press Commandos, who are setting up challenges for artists to try. First up is a Jack Kirby homage. I'd join in, but I don't think Kirby Krackle looks good on stick figures.

Need more free comics? David Brothers has some suggestions.

Long-running webcomics are sometimes hard to get into. Atomic Laundramat just had a refresher course and is well worth checking out. Superheroes need somewhere to keep clean, right?

Twitter pal Ben Towle is running an Animal Alphabet for any creator wanting to jump in. Here are two of my favorites, from Rob Ullman and Sam Wolk.

On the manga front, Brigid Alverson talks about Tokyopop licenses and who might go where. I'll be honest, I'm a lot less hopeful than she is. I think Hetalia is the only one who will catch on, at least while print is still the way most folks get their manga.

Happy Sunday, everyone!