Introducing Digging Into Digital, Coming Friday June 3rd

Over the past calendar year or so, I've gotten more and more into reading comics digitally, whether they are webcomics, comics designed to be read online, or even single issue comics that are being presented in another format. It's definitely becoming a much larger part of my reading habits, and as such, I want to give it more of an outlet here on Panel Patter.

Starting this Friday, and working roughly though not exactly on a weekly schedule, will be a new feature here on the blog, joining Sunday Readings and Year of Takahashi, called Digging into Digital. Digging into Digital will be my chance to talk about the comics I'm reading on the computer, whether it be webcomics, pdfs, or comics in cloud from places like Comixology and other providers.

Though the focus will be heavily on reviews, the same as Panel Patter as a whole, Digging into Digital will also talk about my experiences as a reader of comics online, news about digital and webcomics as needed, and hopefully some interesting commentary as it relates to comics as an online medium instead of a print medium.

Right now, digital comics are the exception and not the rule, but I think that will change as time goes on, at least for readers like me who want the quality of reading interesting stuff but don't feel the need (or have the room) to keep buying and storing binded collections of paper. Digging into Digital is my chance to chronicle my experiences as we move through these changing times, and your chance to participate in the discussion, both positively and negatively if you are so inclined.

I'm really excited about this new feature and I can't wait to explore this digital world with you. Please tune in on Friday as I don my cyber-mining hat and start Digging into Digital!