Upcoming Manga Movable Feasts!

Spring is in the air, and on the web, we're gearing up for more wide-ranging manga discussion (with just a touch of anime, too) in the Manga Movable Feast. [Edited now with complete details for the rest of Spring.]

Here in March, join the Animemiz blog for a discussion of Aria and its related stories. Here's a link to the Aria MMF preview post. Please join in when the discussion starts on March 20th! Animemiz will host your feelings if you don't have a blog of your own.

Coming up April 25th, yours truly will host the first MMF devoted to a creator rather than a creation, putting the critical spotlight on one of the pillars of manga, Rumiko Takahashi. Takahashi's reputation seems to have dimmed over the years, so I'm looking forward to seeing the discussion. I'm doing a weekly feature on Takahashi, with plans for daily posts on her work during the MMF week. Please contact me (trebro @ gmail.com or panelpatter @ twitter) if you'd like me to host your post or posts on Ms. Takahashi.

Then in May we have Cross Game on the table. Darik of the recently moved The Panelists starts the conversation on May 15th. Look to that blog for more details when Darik is ready to get the party started.

Rounding out the Spring MMFs is Wild Adapter, starting June 19th just as we're getting ready to move into Summer. Manga Bookshelf has all your Wild Adapter MMF needs so keep an eye out there for more details as we get closer to the date.

There's going to be so much talking about manga this spring that we'll have creators' ears burning all season long! Why don't you contact us and join in the fun?