Admin: Unscheduled Absense

Hey all,

I realize that for the first time in a long while, Panel Patter wasn't updated in over a week. Unfortunately, Kang the Conqueror stopped by and sent me into the past, where I had to ask the help of the real Robert of Lokley in order to return to my own time. He shot an arrow into Kang's time door from over five score yards away! It was awesome.

What? You don't believe me?

Bah. Well, my cover story is that as some of you know, I'm a teacher who is also taking classes, and the two combined to really set me back these past few weeks. I tried to keep up, but things got a little hectic and tiring, and that meant not doing a lot beyond working and studying. As a result, the reviewing business kinda got shunted to the side.

We should be back to normal this week, but please bear with me if there are a few blank spots on blog now and again for the next two months. After all, Kang might want a rematch!