Used Trade Grabs from Richmond

I mentioned that Richmond has a great used book's Chop Suey Books in Carytown. I've been there twice now and grabbed quite a few used trades, often of the small press variety.

Here's what I found this time, and keep in mind, I left quite a few others on the shelf for budgetary reasons, so this is only a sampling of their awesomeness!

Three Fingers by Rich Koslowski
You Are Here by Kyle Baker
Marvel Zombies Hardcover (finally found the Secret Wars cover homage edition!)
Big Dumb Fun anthology by various
The Beats A Graphic History
Kingpin by Bill Griffith (not in the best of shape, but more classic Zippy!)
Awesome2 Awesomer by various
Grrl Scouts Work Sucks by Jim Mahfood
Dreamtoons by Jesse Reklan
Frankenstein adaptation by Patrick Ollife and Martin Powell

Good stuff that will make for great reading!