Panel Patter's First "I Bought a Book Twice" Contest!

So...someone might have bought a second copy of "Less than Heroes" by David Yurkovich, which is published by the lovely folks at Top Shelf. I meant to do this, of course.

Not buying it? Yeah, Erica wasn't, either. So yeah, despite my best efforts, I goofed!

It's a used copy but it's in great shape. And now it needs a new home.

So...because I wanted to do something like this anyway, I'll turn a slight monetary negative into a positive and we'll start a new feature:

The first-ever "I Bought a Book Twice" contest!

(And yeah, I'm sure I'll do this again. Look for the second-ever entry next time my cell phone is out of charge...)

In honor of it being a Top Shelf book, what I want you to do is tell me your favorite Top Shelf book and why it's your favorite. I'll collect the names of everyone who participates (I hope it's more than 1!) and draw someone at random, sending them the book.

We'll keep this open for a week, so please submit your entry in the comments section of this post and I'll select a winner sometime after midnight on Friday, November 20th. Good luck!!